Wednesday 20 July 2022

Brent Council answers WM's questions on Fryent Country Park use as a car park and the July 31st road closures for a procession

Brent Council has responded to questions from  Wembley Matters on the event day car parking in Fryent Country Park. SEE LINK

The questions:

1. Was this arranged as a consequence of the RMT rail strikes?

2. If not when was it decided to use the park for this purpose?

3. What was the reason for installing a car park on Fryent Country Park open space?

 4. Is it intended to do this again and on what basis?

5. Where will the revenue (£25 per car) go?

The answers:

The event field at Fryent Country Park is available for commercial hire and events are very common there. Wembley Stadium approached the council to rent it on the basis the rail strike would create additional parking and traffic pressures in the Wembley area. The council agreed to its rental on the basis this would provide sensible relief across the wider area.


As well as a rental income to the council, the parking revenue was agreed to be ring-fenced to improve future event day management arrangements in the Wembley area, for example, more council enforcement, toilets and better fencing.


This is unlikely to be a regular occurrence, but the field is available for commercial hire as has always been the case.


Organisers make a deposit that can used to reinstate grounds in the event of any damage.


 We also asked about the notice of road closures in Wembley Park on July 31st for a 'procession'. SEE LINK




The questions:


1. Can you give further information on the nature of the procession and its duration?

2. What will be the hours of the road closure?

3. Will Fryent Way or the Country Park be used for car or coach parking on that day?


The answers:


The July road closures are to facilitate a fan march on the day of the Women’s Euros Final. It will be a rolling closure to minimise any disruption and is very dependent on which teams compete in the Final. Only two nations have indicated their fans will want to march. It is intended to be a fun and colourful pageant ahead of an important sporting event.


As always readers can decide for themselves if the questions have been satisfactorily answered.


Anonymous said...

So, Brent's Labour Council are complicit in strike breaking by allowing a car park in Fryent. Despicable, the Labour Councillors should hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

The Council's response indicates that because the Park is available for commercial hire, it's use as a car park is automatically deemed as acceptable. I disagree.

The use of a green space as a car park would require planning permission for change of use.

Did the Council seek permission for change of use of a green space to temporary car park? If yes, please make the documentation and decision available to the public.

Anonymous said...

Absurd commentary no need to get political here - if people use their cars cos the railways aren’t available they need somewhere to park. Where would you suggest? maybe they can park in front of your house instead.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been wondering and asking for sometime where does the revenue from events concerts and football and now parking in Fryent park goes who benefits from all this why don’t the residents of Brent get a share of it for putting up with road closures traffic jams etc etc