Saturday 16 July 2022

TfL 'strongly advise' not to travel on Monday and Tuesday unless essential

 We’re strongly encouraging customers not to travel on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 July unless your travel is essential. Our services are likely to be impacted by the predicted extreme hot weather conditions and we expect delays, cancellations and short notice changes to all our services.

During periods of extreme hot weather:

  • Rails, overhead power lines and signalling equipment may be affected
  • We might need to introduce temporary speed restrictions on some services as a precaution, which may mean journeys take longer than usual
  • Track temperature checks are regularly carried out across the Tube, DLR, Overground, Elizabeth line and Tram networks to ensure they remain safe and the track is not at risk of bending or buckling

We will work hard to keep as many services running as possible. If you must travel, please check before you travel and carry water with you. Don’t board a train or bus if you feel unwell. If you feel unwell, please get off at the next stop and contact a member of staff or speak to the bus driver. Where possible, consider retiming your journey to less busy times.
You can find more advice about coping in hot weather on the NHS website.


Philip Grant said...

Even though Monday is my bin collection day, I hope that Veolia and Brent will tell the refuse and recycling teams to stay at home on Monday and Tuesday, and not expect them to do heavy work in the extreme heat.

Jaine Lunn said...

Lots of us Brits spend good money to travel to Faraway destinations where the heat regularly reaches these temperatures, many of which were previous colonised and the train and rail and all manner of infrastructure was supplied by the British, ( I won't say built as I do not want to offend the peoples that were enslaved) Countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Egypt and other part of Middle East and Africa. Why do I not hear of these countries rail services shutting down, or their roads melting?????
It's time this country stopped listening to these fools in government who want to dictate everything we do. Just use your own common sense.