Monday 7 November 2011

Caroline Lucas Speaks At St Paul's Anti-Capitalist Camp

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Haroon Saad said...

Caroline is spot on with her analysis.
It is clear for me that the desire for change has been around for years BUT this has not been translated into action. The reasons are clear, the approach has all been about making such changes within institutions with the very people who are responsible for the mess we have.It is also clear that our political class have created a democratic process in which people are told what to think and how to think it.They are made to feel inadequate as soon as issues of detail are engaged. Economics and its policy implications are far beyond the the understanding of common people. In this way dissent is simply sidelined.

The problem /challenge we face is how to do politics in a different way. We have to avoid simply sounding like we want the same thing as every party and that we just have a slightly different way of going about how to realise things. The problem is that we cannot leave the challange of radical political renewal to the existing political class.The challenge is how to engage with the vast majority who have been simply disgusted by politics and politicians.

In short the challenge is how to create a new kind of meaningful conversation with people.
Haroon Saad
Waltham Forest and Redbridge GP