Saturday 19 November 2011

'Secret' woodland opened up by Parks Department

After the Dog Control Orders another piece of good news from Brent Parks Department.  A small but precious piece of woodland is being opened up on Barn Hill. The wood is between the large expensive houses of Barn Hill and the Pilgrims Way council estate and includes the disused tennis courts that have now been colonised by small trees, shrubs and brambles (circled below)

Birds' eye view with woodland area circled
It was surrounded by an 8 foot fence which protected wildlife but also prevented public access. The fence was broken down and dangerous in places and is currently being removed.

The woodland this morning, alive with small birds
 The Parks Department said in a letter to nearby residents:
The Council recognises the importance of the wildlife in this area and aims to enhance the wildlife. The aim will be to have a mosaic of woodland, a few footpaths through the woodland, some open areas with herbaceous vegetation and nearby grassland areas.
The lower tennis court backing on to the estate, where the surface remains relatively intact, will be retained as an informal 'kick about' football area for local children and youth.

Good news on a lovely autumn day, although the pear tree next door, in full blossom, seems confused by the unusually mild weather!

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