Wednesday 9 November 2011

Council confusion over library 1.5 mile claim

Following Brent Council's correction of the oft-repeated claim that no resident is further than 1.5 miles from a library which left the impression that the original quote was based on all libraries, including those that have now closed, a Brent Council spokeswoman seems to muddy the waters again. It appears they were including libraries in other boroughs.

She is quoted HERE on London24, the Archant Group's website:
The Brent Council spokeswoman said it was “nonsense” that the council has been misleading anyone.

She said: “It is true that everyone living in the borough is no more than a mile and a half from a library, either in Brent or a neighbouring borough, and many residents choose to use a library in another borough. This was clearly explained in the proposals.’’
It looks like we'll have to all get out our measuring sticks. Could it be that Brent is measuring it 'as the crow flies' rather than actual walking distance?

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