Friday 11 November 2011

Cllr Jayesh Mistry Resigns - By-election soon in Wembley Central

Cllr Jayesh Mistry
 The personable young Labour councillor, Jayesh Mistry, resigned from Brent Council this morning. Jayesh is a trade unionist and bus driver with strong roots in the local community. When I stood against him in a by-election in 2009 I found him a principled and friendly opponent.

No reason has yet been given for his resignation but the by-election will come at a time when the Labour administration is unpopular as a result of the cuts they have made in local libraries, street cleansing, adult day care and other provision. Their latest proposals are the closure of two nurseries.

Cllr Mistry represented Wembley Central Ward.

The resignation comes on the eve of the Brent People's Assembly where Labour councillors are due to join Brent Fightback supporters and answer questions from the public.

Borough Election Result May 6th 2010

Jayesh Mistry Labour 2649 16% Elected
Emad Al-Ebadi Labour 2352 14% Elected
Wilhelmina Mitchell Murry Labour 2277 13% Elected
Valerie Brown Liberal Democrats 2122 12% Not elected
Daniel Bessong Liberal Democrats 1977 12% Not elected
Afifa Pervez Liberal Democrats 1917 11% Not elected
Shaheen Butt Conservative 1119 7% Not elected
Ratna Kamdar Conservative 1092 6% Not elected
Miranda Colwill Conservative 963 6% Not elected
Rodney Freed Green Party 210 1% Not elected
Solomon Agbonifo-Ezomo Green Party 174 1% Not elected
Maya Sendall Green Party 144 1% Not elected

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