Friday 4 November 2011

Should we de-designate industrial area around Wembley Stadium?

The industrial area around Wembley Stadium
 The consultation on the future of the industrial area around Wembley Stadium ends on Monday. The document is HERE and the consultation website is HERE . The consultation includes the possibility of restricting the number of waste management facilities in the area.

Key points from document re waste management (NB there are also sections on transport etc) SIL=Strategic Industrial Location):

Whilst it is acknowledged that there will be a continuing need to retain the vast majority of SIL in the borough, it should also be recognised that the de-designation of some employment land could be beneficial in promoting jobs growth locally if land is redeveloped for mixed use development, as with key parts of the regeneration area to the west. In addition, there are concerns that the proximity of industrial sites, and associated bad neighbour uses, to key regeneration sites is harming their development prospects because of the potential environmental impacts upon them. There is a particular concern that the juxtaposition of the industrial estate with proposed sensitive uses, such as a proposed new primary school on Fulton Road, will have an impact on the attractiveness of the school.

Options BIW 1
1. Leave the extent of the SIL as currently defined.
2. Introduce policy whereby development proposals adjacent to SIL should have regard to the potential effectiveness of these locations
3. De-designate SIL immediately adjacent to key sites identified for regeneration which will include residential or other sensitive uses.
4. De-designate substantial part of the SIL to facilitate wider regeneration and environmental improvement

There is a general view that if a significant proportion of land is occupied by uses such as open storage, aggregate depots and waste management, this will have a negative impact upon the regeneration potential of the wider area and will provide only a limited number of jobs. One way of dealing with the problem, especially to prevent it getting any worse,is to put a limit on the amount of land devoted to such uses.

Options BIW 2
1. No limit on the proportion of the SIL devoted to waste uses or open storage.
2. Allow no further waste management or open storage uses in the SIL.
3. Consider individual proposals on their merits and only restrict such uses if  evidence of detrimental impact.
4. Actively promote the re-location of existing, badly located waste management sites.
De-designation could mean that the West London Waste Authority's ear-marking of a site in the area for waste processing (technology unstated but incineration feared) will not succeed.

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