Monday 14 November 2011

The issues behind Mistry's resignation

According to some Labour Party insiders Cllr Jayesh Mistry's resignation, although ostensibly for 'personal reasons', was because of his disillusion with the lack of power and influence of Labour councillor backbenchers and disquiet about the extent of the cuts the Council are making.

If this is indeed the case, the resignation should ring alarm bells as it reflects broader concerns about attracting  committed and independently minded people into local politics, reducing the age profile of councillors, and addressing the democratic deficit in Brent Council's  current political structure.


Anonymous said...

Good on him! Ann John has messed up the party and Cllr Mistry has done the right thing!

Let us make this by-election one that Labour will live to regret. Bring in someone who will embarrass them in a ward they have been strong in for decades!

Martin Francis said...

Actually in the 2009 Wembley Central by-election Afifa Pervez won for the Lib Dems with 41% of the vote but lost the seat in 2010. At the by-election Jayesh got 32% and the Tories 15%. Tom Stevens (independent) was on 8% and I trailed at 3%.

Will the Lib Dems be able to cash in on the unpopularity of the Council cuts despite the fact that as Coalition partners their party (and Sarah Teather) are responsible for the reduction in local authority spending which has brought about the cuts?

Anonymous said...


Shahrar Ali said...

Thanks for your report of what insiders have said, Martin. But what is one to make of such apparent timidity from the man himself?

Don't all Brent electors, particularly those in Wembley Central ward, deserve an explanation, in Mr Mistry's own words, for his resignation? Far better than a report of what unattributed-friends-of-Mistry might have said.

If we are to understand, then, that Mr Mistry did not resign for "personal reasons", nor for some private reason of a sensitive nature, but for political reasons then we really do deserve an account.

By-elections are not inexpensive to run and should not be triggered on a whim. I understand from Brent electoral services that the by-election has been called for Thurs 22 Dec 2011 (though, at time of posting, not yet advertised on site).