Thursday 26 December 2013

Annoying Iain Duncan Smith

Apparently this image of the true impact of Coalition policies has been annoying Iain Duncan Smith over the holiday.


It has been retweeted thousands of times on Twitter and shared on Facebook.

Please do your bit to annoy Iain Duncan Smith

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trevor said...

I Can't Imagine IDS Losing Sleep Martin
After all If The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing nearly six million people a year. More than five million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while more than 600 000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.
and The Government Continues To Allow Smoking,
Then There is Little Chance They Would Be Affected By The News That Their Benefit Cuts Are Causing People To Go Hungry.
They Obviously Believe In Double Standards Martin.
For Example They Rightly Tell Us Not To Push Drugs Like Cocaine Unto The Public,
But We Can Push Cigarettes for Profit And Even When It Becomes The 2nd Biggest Cause of Preventable Deaths They Overlook That Because They Are Focusing Instead On The Tax Revenue Martin.
And Even If Someone Rightly Questions What They Have Done And Failed To Do With Regards To Smoking, They Have Standard Letters Written on Behalf Of The So Called Health Secretary Who Says That The Government Does Not Believe That Banning Smoking Is The Way To Deal With The Smoking Problem.
And They Also Use In Their Defence Of Freedom To Abuse Ones Own Body With Tobacco The Fact
That Previous Governments Have Also Permitted Smoking And So They Are Basically Following Their Example.
But Does That Not Make It Undeniably Obvious Martin That They Are Putting Tax Revenue Ahead Of Principle?
Also By Permitting This They Are Saying That It Is Acceptable To Make A Living By Pushing Health Destroying Things Onto The Public.
And Then They Turn Around And Pick On And Target Vulnerable People Struggling To Survive On Benefit, Calling Them Scroungers For Example And Doing Their Best To Make Life Even more Harder and Yet They Rely On Many of Those Vulnerable People To Senselessly Ruin Their Health By Means Of Smoking In Order To Keep This Extremely Corrupt System Going With The Billions They Rake In From The Tax They Have To Pay Every Time They Buy Another pack of Tobacco Guns.
So Really Martin They Are Hypocrites and Experts At Causing Problems.
The Public Deserve So Much Better Martin.
Will Children Grow Up In a Country Free From Man Made Problems?
Pigs Will Fly First Martin and Since That Will Never Happen Of Course
Then There Is No Way Children Will Grow Up in A Good Country
And Older Poor People Will Continue To Suffer Indignities Of Every Sort Because That Is What Happens When One Lives In An Extremely Corrupt System Run And Driven By People Who Are Extremely Wicked as Well As Incompetent And Of Course Corrupt.
I Feel Sorry For The Public Because They Are Going To Suffer Even More As It Becomes More And More Obvious That This System We Are Suffering Under Is Sinking
And As It Sinks Deeper They Will See That The Politicians Don't Have Any Answers To The Problems They Have Created.
Lastly If You Would Not Go Searching Through A Dustbin Looking For Gold
Why Waste Your Time Looking For Politicians To Deliver Us Out Of The Mess They Have Created?
If Nothing But Rubbish Is What Can Be Found In Dustbins
Then The Same Applies To Politics...It Is Full of Rubbish.

Anonymous said...

I am not on Facebook or Twitter, but will email a link to this item to several people who I hope will take notice of it.
Trevor thinks that Politics is full of rubbish. I agree with him to a certain extent, but I think that there are still some who go into politics because they really want to make life better for the people around them. Unfortunately, in order to get the chance to do this, they feel that they have to join political parties. Over the past twenty years or so, all of the main parties (Conservative, Labour and LibDem) have moved towards the "centre ground", believing that this is the only way to gain or hold onto power, and power is the only thing that seems to matter to the main parties now, rather than principle and belief.
There are some signs of hope, and the Green Party is one of these. Another, at least for local politics, is grass-roots movements like Make Willesden Green. I have never been a member of a political party, and probably never will be, but I will speak out on issues that matter to me, and am likely to support individual politicians who do the same, and do work to improve the poor state that national and local democracy is in at the moment.
It is a disgrace that many families in our country do not have sufficient to eat or do not have a decent home. While the parties at Westminster bicker, and tinker around the edges of the existing inadequate policies, they should be working towards every employer paying a living wage to its workers (so that they can live a reasonable life without having to claim "in work" benefits paid out of taxation or government borrowing), and working to control and bring down rents and house prices to levels that are reasonable (rather than encouraging unsustainable levels because these help to boost short term "growth", which may improve their chances at the next election before this latest "bubble" bursts).
It is not just Iain Duncan Smith who should be having sleepless nights. If politicians have any conscience, those that have power should invite those who do not to work together with them to find real solutions to the very real problems that our country faces.