Wednesday 18 December 2013

Vital Education Question Time Meeting in New Year

Why are teachers striking? Is OFSTED a political tool? Do we need SATs? Why is there a shortage of school places? Are standards falling in our schools?
If you would like to propose questions for the panel to consider please use #edqtime @NCE2014
22nd JANUARY 2014
CHAIR: Adrian Chiles ITV presenter and local parent
PANEL: Michael Rosen Childrens author and broadcaste
Christine Blower National Union of Teachers General Secretary
Julian Bell Leader of Ealing Council
Government and local campaign speakers are invited
Everyone is welcome especially parents, governors and students
There is no charge for the event but please register for tickets at
Press contact: 07958 542872
Venue: St. Pauls Church, Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, W6 9PJ 
Nearest tube: Hammersmith


trevor said...

I Just read on a website that so called "sats" are putting children under stress for the whole academic Lives?
and that the principal purpose of national curriculum testing is for school league tables.?
I Personally Believe That The School Children Themselves Are The Only Ones That can Say Whether The Stress Complaint is True Or Not?
as for the School League Tables,
It is complained that the ranking of England's schools to rigid guidelines that fail to take into account wider social conditions actually makes failing schools even worse. This is because the most involved parents will then avoid such schools, leaving only the children of non-ambitious parents to attend.
and Yesterday It Was Said That Well Off Parents are Playing The system to ensure their Children get into so called faith Schools and Guess What?
The Man it was said to be dismayed when hearing about a Certain Member of The House Lords That Has Been Accused of Cheating is None Other Than The Prime Minister.
The Impression That Is Left in All Of This is That There appears To Be one Rule for Politicians in The sense That if And When They Do Something morally Wrong, They Can Justify It Because in The Case of The Lord Currently under Question it Appears That They Can Rely on Their Colleagues To Support Them.
Whereas if A person(s) Happen To Be a Foreigner from a EU State They Are Viewed With The Utmost Suspicion, and The Government Will Go To Great Lengths To Protect The Benefits System From Being Cheated.
and Yet is it Fair To View a Person With Suspicion regardless of What Country They Originate?
What If For Example Person(s) from The EU Actually Prove To Be More Trustworthy Than Many UK Politicians?
What If They Show More Honesty in Their Daily Activities While The UK Politicians adopt a set Their Own Standards Approach To Honesty?
Doesn't That Render Their Honourable Members Habit Vain or even Worthless?
You See I Have Come To Realize That Dressing Up in Expensive Suits and Talking With a So Called Voice is Actually Vanity
Because by Doing Those Things They Are Showing Little Concern for The People They supposedly Serve and More Concern For Their Appearance?
and Especially When you Consider The Person currently under Fire.
All Dressed Up To Look The Part and Yet Behind All That it is Clear There Was Little Attention being Paid To Things Like Honesty Etc?
and If I'm Wrong Then Why Is That Person Being Accused Of Cheating?
So Flash Clothes and Talking Posh Don't Mean a Thing.
a Despised Person from The EU With Little Income and a Modest Wardrobe With Respect for Honesty
Although He/She Would Undoubtedly Be Overlooked in Favour Of The Politician
They In Reality Stand Head and Shoulders Over The Politicians.
Remember Too That Many of These Politicians are Members of The Church of England
and So It Is Natural To Expect Them To Show Through Their Behaviour That They Have Indeed Put On The Personality Thereby Showing They Have Truly Submitted To God and are Doing His Will.
But If They Are Cheating, Sending Soldiers To Fight Other Nations and You Know Those Things are Condemned By God
You Can Be Absolutely Certain That They Deluding Themselves.
and Lastly I will Say Yet Again That When You Have a Country Under The Rule of Such People You can Be Certain That Not Only Will You Suffer Injustices
But Also You Will Exploited as Part of The Capitalist System We Struggle increasingly To Survive Under.

trevor said...

We Actually Live In An Extremely Corrupt System.
And The Things Deemed As Acceptable Are Far From That.
And The Best Way To Find Out The Truth Is To Look In The Very Book That The So Christian Celebration
AKA Christmas Is Supposedly Inspired From
And In It You Won't Find A Single Thing In It That Agrees With That Money Making Business.
Because That Is All It Is
and God and The Birth Of His Son Is Used As Nothing Than A Convenient Excuse To Exploit The Public.
Are You Shocked?
Well If You Are It Is Natural and Actually Better To Because You Are More Likely To Take It Seriously and Actually Give Up On The Christmas Thing.
And What Are The Benefits Of Doing That?
Well True Faith Can Start To Grow As Start Learning The True Purpose Of Religion And The What The Real Guidelines Are?
And Just As A Real Bank Note Is Better Fake Bank- Note Like-wise Learning The Truth About The Christian Faith Is More Valuable Than Learning Lies Regarding The Christian Religion.
Now You May Rightly Ask Yourselves What Has This To Do With Schools?
Valid Question Because I Can Assure You It Has Much To Do With Schools and Sats Etc
Because In Schools They Continue To Teach The Theory Of Evolution Which Like Christmas Has No Place In The Christian Religion.
Unless You Can Point Out To Me Where In The Bible Does It Say humans Evolved From Apes?
I Am 100% Certain You Can't
And Yet In What Is Said To Be A Christian Country
It Is Filled With No End Of Damaging Non Beneficial Things.
That Speaks Volumes About What Our Society Values and Chases From Day To Day
And You Can Be Certain That Despite Misleading Appearances It Is Neither God Or Jesus.
Because The Truth and Reality Is That A Person That Truly Worships God Shows So Through Their Actions And Words.
Or Was It For No Reason The Christian Disciple James Wrote That Faith Without works Is Dead?
Also It For Nothing That Jesus Taught The People Of His Time To Look To God For Salvation?
And Also How Jesus Showed Up The Religious Leaders Of His Time As Liars And Hypocrites Doing Nothing But Misleading And Exploiting The Common People.
And The Leaders Hated Him In Return!
So It Is Not Surprising That The Tradition Continues Right Down To Our Day And Once We Find Ourselves Being Mislead Regarding Something That Is Of Surpassing Value
And Also When A Person Seeks To Help People In That Regard They Are Also Hated And Unappreciated
And Yet If You Gave Those Hating You Fake Bank Notes You Can Be Certain They Would Turn Them Down.
Because They Know The Difference Between Genuine Bank Notes And Fake Money.
One Is Of Course Worth Something, The Other Is Worthless And Yet Like Lies Regarding The True Purpose Of Christianity It Is Still Used By Those Wanting To Cheat Others.
A Very Sad Situation.