Monday 2 December 2013

Copland on strike again tomorrow against Ark take over

Staff at Copland Community School in Wembley will tomorrow  hold their third day of strike action against an attempt by Michael Gove and an imposed Interim Executive Board (IEB) to force the school to become an academy. Despite Cllr Michael Pavey, Lead member for Education in Brent, saying 'it is not a done deal' so far there had been no other option but ARK.

Staff will hold a rally outside The Torch pub at 10am  in Bridge Rd, Wembley against ARK forcibly taking over their school.

Hank Roberts, ATL Secretary and Immediate Past President said:
Stanley Fink, a leading ARK trustee, is the National Treasurer of the Conservative party and a friend of Michael Gove. He supports Gove's and the Conservatives policy, as revealed in the Independent, of handing over state schools to be run for profit. They're not in it for charitable giving. If they want to give Copland money we'd welcome it. Long term they're for taking money out of the system to add to the many millions they already have.

Tom Stone, NASUWT Acting Secretary said:
If Brent would only go and get the money the ex headteacher spirited away, the whole scenario of becoming an academy would disappear and Copland school would be a flourishing and effective school.

Lesley Gouldbourne, Joint NUT Secretary said,:
A recent leadership review of Copland carried out in October 2013 showed many improvements in teaching and learning and more robust financial management. Give the school time to continue this good work.

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Anonymous said...

Where's the money? Where are the paintings?
2 questions for Mr Pavey and Mr Butt:
1.When Davies was convicted, Brent amazed the judge by not applying for costs, saying they would get the money from Davies in the civil courts. Could we know what the progress is on this, please?
2. It is believed that the Mary Fedden paintings which Evans didn't get time to sell*, are in the possession of Brent Council. The paintings are very valuable. What plans do Brent have for their future or for the proceeds of their sale? Would it be enough to pay for a mentoring department at Copland, for example?**
**one of the ultimate consequences of the corruption at Copland has been the closing down of the school's entire mentoring and counselling department, a group of committed people who have helped huge numbers of students through personal problems and crises. This is part of the current 'restructuring' (sackings to save money lost as a consequence of management corruption in Davies's time).