Wednesday 4 December 2013

'Help us help the environment' Harlesden business plea to Brent Council

The owner of Jai Electronics at 155 Harlesden High Street, has written to Brent Council complaining that his request for a loading bay outside the shop, so that customers can unload their heavy electrical equipment, has been ignored.
Instead customers have been given  parking tickets when bringing in TVs for repair or collecting them.

Mr Mehta of Jai Electronics wrote:
We have been a local small business fore over 30 years and provide a valuable service to the community helping repair electronic items to stop them being thrown away and thus helping the environment. 

You as a council are trying to promote how green you are and spending millions on promoting environmental issues; yet when a simple and genuine way to help with the environment comes up, you do nothing to help.

I am not sure if this is because you feel you profit from handing out these parking tickets at no extra cost to the council or you genuinely do not care about helping the environment and people within your borough?
He calls for a written response in the timescale set out by the Council's Customer Charter so that a quick resolution can be achieved.

1 comment:

Trevor said...

Brent Council Green?
Is allowing Street Drains to be Left blocked solid a Good example of Being Green?
Mr Metha you sadly wasting your Time appealing to the council.
I Mean I have Written and phoned brent council to Express my Feelings about the blocked street Drains and the response I got is similar to Yours.
That is To be expected Mr Metha.
It helps to have certain expectations when Dealing with a Council Like Brent.
Expect to be Messed around.
Expect to be Left extremely Frustrated.
Expect to be Charged as much as they can get away with in terms of business Rates etc etc.