Wednesday 4 December 2013

Hopeless Clegg fails to address Sulivan Primary School scandal

Hammersmith and Fulham Council plan to close successful Sulivan Primary School to hand the site over to Fulham Boys' Free School. Surely something the Lib Dems wouldn't approve of?

Sorry,to disenchant you but the video speaks for itself: Clegg continue;s to be Cameron's poodle. And does Michael Gove look even remotely interested?

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Trevor said...

History itself bears Witness That Humans are not Fit to rule Themselves.
And when they Do some it usually results in much suffering and pain.
Also the man that wrote that man dominates man to his injury was completely right.
If those words are not true then why are so many people unhappy and immensely stressed?
If nick clegg is hopeless then he isn't alone.
The public deserve better.
And looking to politicians for answers is a waste of precious time.
Again I will say that any government that agrees to the sale of something that causes the the public to die from lung and throat cancer, no way can they be trusted to lead us.
Because just by putting profit and tax revenue first speaks volumes about what they consider as most important.
It certainly isn't the public!
Your just here to be manipulated and exploited.
You deserve better but it wont come out of 10 downing street or the houses of parliament.
because just as rubbish bins are made for rubbish and are filled with rubbish, likewise rubbish is all that can be found in 10 downing street and the houses of parliament.
you deserve better than that.
a government that will allow you to be seduced and enticed in smoking leading to physical ruin and gambling leading to financial ruin is more like a democratically bunch of crooks.
like the mob of old that thrived on manipulating the public through gambling, our democratically elected
MP's also thrive on us Gambling and smoking.
and just mess us around again again and again.
and giving us nothing but rubbish again and again.
harsh words but all true and we and they know it's true.