Saturday, 7 December 2013

Labour selects Dawn Butler for Brent Central

Uniting behind Dawn?
Former Brent South MP Dawn Butler has been selected by Labour for the Brent Central seat, winning in the third round of voting. Butler lost to Sarah Teather in 2010.

Clearly more people like Marmite in Brent that I thought!

According to reliable sources Butler won narrowly from Sundar Thava, tipped by me as a possible outsider winner yesterday. There was only a handful of votes in it at the end of the day in which Sundar performed impressively but Dawn Butler was ahead on postal votes. Parmijit Dhanda and Sabina Khan were knocked out in the early stages.

With such a narrow margin the question is whether activists will line up behind Dawn Butler and get out on the streets for her. The prospect of another Tory or Coalition government may be enough to do the trick.


  1. Congrats Dawn Butler. Will be a great MP for Brent Central, has made mistakes but don't we all. Will fight for all constituents I'm sure if and when elected

    1. Anon,
      Do You Truly Think That MP's Will Sort Out The Mess Britain Is In?
      Labour Had Their Chance To Prove Themselves and Blew It Big Time.
      In Fact They Added To The Problems Rather Than Reduce Them.
      Cleaners In Brighton For Example Criticized Labour For using Them as a Political Football after Labour promised To Protect Pay For Cleaners But Instead Let Them Down.
      In Fact a scandal involving The Brighton Greens Played a Part in Brighton Cleaners Feeling Betrayed.
      That doesn't Inspire Confidence Anon.
      I Admire Your Apparent Optimism But I Fear You Will Also End Up Feeling Let Down Like The Cleaners In Brighton.

    2. hahahahaha she's corrupt! she charged the tax payer for a second home further away than her one in Brent!

  2. Sundar Thava apparently won on the day convincingly with a clear, honest and outstanding performance, but Dawn got it on the postal votes and it was very close.

  3. She was a most dreadful MP - thank goodness the boundaries have changed!

  4. It's a new Dawn, It's a New Day, It's a New Lie.......And I'm' ..... er.......on message.

  5. Anonymous .. Yes clearly Sundar won on the day. So some important questions about the postal votes. Were any of the candidates involved in collecting completed postal votes . Did some postal voters get repeated visits from one or more of the candidates?

  6. Brent Central must rally behind Dawn. She fought a good fight and won in spite of negative briefings. Her positive qualities came out during the campaign and she showed that she is resilient, passionate and work working We all make mistakes and the challenge is to learn from them. I believe she is now wiser, and an even better politician.

    Clearly, the majority believe that Dawn is able to win Brent Central for Labour.

    Well done Dawn and the team.

  7. I'm sure no direct offence is intended but does noone see the problem with describing a black candidate as marmite?

    1. Black Is The Colour of The words We Type Anon.
      Brown Is The Colour Of So Called Black Skin
      and Marmite is a Dark Brown Food Paste
      So Where Is The Connection?
      That Name Was Used Either To Cause Offence or Reflects The Person's Ignorance?

    2. You're being ridiculous, man.

  8. I think the phrase is well enough understood for no one to think it refers to race in any way. No offence intended. I am also Marmite.

  9. More on Marmite comparisons. Guilt of a tired cliche perhaps.

  10. Anonymous reader

    4 days on and the rumour mill is busy
    Its not a traditional left v right issue
    It's about honesty and competence
    If local Labour Party members have concerns about the selection process - including information about postal votes - then for the sake of the people of Brent and the Labour Party I urge them to complain and not remain silent