Saturday 7 December 2013

Brent Greens: Butler is a 'New Labour blast from the past'

Dawn Butler and Shahrar Ali at the Friends of the Earth Hustings, General Election 2010
Reacting to today's news that Brent Labour Party had selected Dawn Butler to fight Brent Central in 2015, Shahrar Ali, The Green's candidate in  2010, said:
Labour's selection of Dawn Butler to fight the Brent Central seat is as if they are proposing a blast from Blair's New Labour past. Let voters be reminded where Butler stood on a whole raft of hugely consequential issues.

In 2007, Butler voted against a motion calling for a new sense of urgency on climate change, and, in 2009, against our becoming a signatory to the 10:10 climate change campaign. On Nuclear deterrence, Butler voted ambiguously on the renewal of a Trident system (2007). On anti-terror legislation, Butler voted reliably with her Government throughout, and, in 2009, voted to keep the maximum period of detention without charge for terrorist suspects at 28 days (instead of a lower period).

On such fundamental political issues of the day, Butler's priorities were wrong or muddled. Labour Party members may be prepared to forgive her past mistakes but I doubt if the electorate will be quite as tolerant. Greens stand for a radical break from the barely distinguishable politics of the three main parties and we shall fight the General Election on that basis.


Dan Filson said...

I cannot think of anyone less "New Labour" than Dawn Butler! Not a Blairite in my view.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to copy paste from the Public Whip website at least get your facts straight. Dawn voted unequivocally against a replacement for Trident, defying the party whip to do so. And it's frankly laughable that Sharar Ali casts her as New Labour. Oh well, she has at least a healthy record of eating her Greens.

Ms Serwah said...

Brent Central must rally behind Dawn. She fought a good fight and won in spite of negative briefings. Her positive qualities came out during the campaign and she showed that she is resilient, passionate and hard working. We all make mistakes and the challenge is to learn from them. I believe she is now a wiser, and an even better politician.

Clearly, the majority believe that Dawn is able to win Brent Central for Labour.

Well done Dawn and the team.

Anonymous said...

and a healthy record for being a bad MP!

Anonymous said...

'Resilience' and 'passion', currently 2 of the most over-used and meaningless epithets applied to anyone we approve of. And surely only 'families' are allowed to be described as 'hard-working'. It's going to be a long haul from now to the election Let's try to use some fresh language for a change.

trevor said...

OK ms Serwah,
But She is still a Member of The Political Party That Raised Public Hopes in 97 about Things Getting Better Once Labour Got It's Hands On The Steering Wheel of government.
But What Did They Do?
Some Drifted Into Cheating Via The MPs's Expenses System.
Tony Blair Took The Country To War Which Resulted In Loss of Lives On Both Sides.
He Also Attempted To Re-brand War as SO called Humanitarian, As Well As Attempting To Appear Responsible and Sensitive by saying he favoured the course of action because " no future generation should ask us why we did not do something about it".
Remember Too That Britain Is Meant To Be A Christian Nation.
One That Never Forgets To Celebrate Christmas and Easter and Mothers Day and Fathers Day for Example But It's Strange How Living By Christian Principles are often conveniently Forgotten In Favour of Unchristian Things Like Wars and Greed for Example.
But That is easy to understand,
after all The Christian Bible Did foretell That People in Modern Times Would be Lovers Of Money, Lovers of Ourselves, Fierce,Having No Natural Affection,Also Having a Form Of Godly Devotion But Proving False To It's Power.
Now Look At Britain Ms Sewah
Would You argue Against The above and say That Britain is Indeed a Christian Nation one That Strictly Observes The Inspired Words Of The Bible Which BTW is God's Way of Communicating With Mankind?
Also Remember The Christian Principles Are Beneficial To Mankind
Teaching Us How To Leave Peacefully Despite Being Imperfect and Prone To Wrongdoing
While We Patiently Await Salvation From God.
Yet Despite That The Labour Government Favoured Going To War.
Doesn't That Speak Volumes About The Hypocrisy and Double Standards of So Called Christian Britain?
One More Thing.
If You or I Fail to Observe the Rules Regarding the Council Tax
We soon find ourselves in Front of a Judge.
so again that shows that Britain especially via it's political Leaders only Promote What is in Their Interests Hence Why We always reminded to pay the tax etc etc which of course is in line with principles
but observing Christians is often ignored in favour of our own ideas.
No Wonder Britain is as it is.

Shahrar Ali said...

hi Anon, sorry if you think that's a misrepresentation. I wasn't assessing just that vote, but the following, too. Note that here DB has not voted amongst the rebels, alongside e.g. Abbott or Corbyn but with the Labour whip. Hence the vacilliation in her record.