Saturday 28 December 2013

Wembley's famous dame remembered

Guest blog with a seasonal touch by local historian Philip Grant 
[Image courtesy of Terry Lomas and the British Music Hall Society]
 One of the traditional features of the festive season is the pantomime, and the slapstick comedy “dame” is often a highlight of these shows. Did you know that Wembley was once home to a man who did much to influence how the “dame” role is played? As you pass along Forty Lane you may have seen a blue plaque commemorating Arthur Lucan, and at this appropriate time of year a new illustrated article has appeared on the Brent Archives online Local History Resources site which tells his story. 

You can read “Arthur Lucan – the man who was Old Mother RileyHERE

A taste of Old Mother Riley with some evocative period background

Wembley, and the rest of Brent, does matter, so enjoy its history, and carry on working for a better present and future. Seasons greetings to Martin and all the readers of his “blog”, and best wishes for a happy, healthy and hopefully more just 2014.
Philip Grant.

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