Friday 6 December 2013

Council Tax Consultation extended after complaints

The Brent Council consultation on Council Tax Support due to end today,  has been extended for a week after a posting on this blog, Twitter campaign and an official complaint that it had not been widely enough advertised.

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trevor said...

I cannot Help Viewing The Council Tax as Unfair because for all the money we pay the streets remain dirty and street drains remain blocked solid with dust and leaves.
and yet we pay the council to pay those that are contacted to carry out these services and it seems as if we are paying full price and get Half in return which of course is not acceptable.
and I am getting tired of putting up with this.
also pavements are left covered in dog mess and I saw a bin left for weeks overflowing with Rubbish
Which of course attracts flies etc and is likely to increase the chances of attracting mice and then the tax paying public have to fork out out more money to have traps laid down in their homes.
this is not acceptable and is one of the reasons why I feel so fed up and stressed.