Sunday 15 December 2013

Barham Library campaign to oppose Trustees' Appeal

Statement from Friends of Barham Library

The attempt to change the planning designation from 'community use'  for the Barham Library building  failed when the Planning Committee voted by 6 votes to 1 to REFUSE the planning application on the grounds that there would then be far too little genuine 'community space' in the remaining parts of the building.

Sadly the Labour Councillors who sit as Trustees of the Barham Park Charity (the Charity and not the Council own the building) have now decided to spend around £10,000 on an Appeal against the decision of the Planning Committee. The Appeal will now be heard by an independent Planning Inspector from Bristol but not for another 6 months.

The Barham Library building has now been empty for over 26 months and will now remain empty for another 6 while we await the Appeal Hearing. This is just an appalling waste of time and money.

We will of course oppose the Appeal and keep up the fight to get Barham Library reopened.


Martin Francis said...

Also see post on December 16th

Anonymous said...

Do all Brent's Labour cllrs sit as Trustees? If not, which ones do?