Saturday 29 March 2014

£90,000 per pupil free school must be stopped

There has rightly been a furore over Michael Gove's decision to spend £45m on a 500 pupil Harris 6th Form College in Westminster LINK

This equates to set up costs of £90,000 per pupil and is six times the cost of other schools of a similar size. The Independent states that it is almost certainly the most expensive school in the country.

As a governor in a local authoirty school I am required to ensure 'Best Value' for all contracts by benchmarking building proposals against similar projects and eliciting competitive  bids from at least three companies.

Michael Gove, handling millions of public money, has already overspent on the free schools project and has managed to 'lose' the title deeds of buildings and land handed over to academies. This news proves once again that he is unfit to hold his office and the Independent's claim that he was challenged by officials from within the DfE on this decision indicates that even they are recognising the problem.

Clearly there must be a powerful challenge to this misuse of public money by MPs, political parties, professional associations and members of the public.  A petition is available HERE

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely shambolic; utterly predictable. Anyone know why Gove hasn't signed the Funding Agreement for New Copland yet? Can't find his biro? Or is the ownership of the land a little on the complicated side?.
Local philandthropist I.P.Patel might know.