Friday 28 March 2014

Act to stop Yashika's deportation planned for Sunday

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Theresa May is planning to go ahead with deporting Yashika to Mauritius this weekend. She is booked on an Air Mauritius flight this Sunday - Mothers Day.

On Tuesday Yashika was due to fly on a BA plane but reports suggested that BA refused to fly her and the deportation was delayed.

Air Mauritius can refuse to fly Yashika this weekend.

If enough of us contact them, we can show them that taking part in Yashika's deportation will damage their reputation with the British public. 

On Sunday most people will be celebrating with their mums, but Yashika could be taken away from her mother and sent away alone. 

Please help us do everything we can to stop this. Call Air Mauritius now on 0207 434 4375. 

Zoe Thompson  along with Yashika's friends and students of Oasis School.

P.S. You can also send a message to Air Mauritius on Twitter here.

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