Monday, 24 March 2014

Powney misses out on Mapesbury.

Labour's Mapesbury candidates with Dawn Butler

Cllr Colum Moloney has been selected to complete the list of  Labour  candidates for the Mapesbury ward in the forthcoming local elections. He currently represents the Stonebridge ward. Three male councillors, Moloney, James Powney and Abdi Aden  were amongst the four candidates fighting for the position


  1. So long James, its been... emotional

  2. Cllr Moloney: the councillor who turned round to me and fellow library campaigners after a meeting regarding the closure of libraries and declared, "It's the best thing we've ever done."

    1. The same Cllr Moloney who supported the illegal traveller camp on Fryent Country Park in the 1980's, saying it would teach the people of Kingsbury a lesson? Surely Labour have put him out to graze by now, or should have done.

  3. Well he's managed to soil Brent Labour for a very long time - See Ya Mr Powney