Friday 7 March 2014

Sufficient places in other schools for Year 7s if Brent free schools fail to open

In response to concerns I expressed about the fate of Year 7 pupils in  September 2014 if the free schools they have been offered do not  find premises or open in time, Sara Williams, Strategic Director of Children and Families states:
There are sufficient places in Brent secondary schools to offer places to all Brent children offered places at Free Schools in the event that the Free Schools do not open. 

The admissions team always works throughout the summer to place pupils for September and this year will be no different. The council will do everything it can to support families if the need arises.
Gladstone Free School in Cricklewood and  Gateway Free School in Wembley Central have still not found premises. Katharine Birbalsingh has assured parents of children going to Michaela Academy that planning permission has been granted for building works at Arena House in Wembley Park. She assures them that although there may seem to be little evidence of any work going on (I can see none) there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

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