Friday 28 March 2014

Hundreds support Michael Rosen for Education Secretary - but he declines...

This picture I took on the 11,000 strong London NUT Strike March on Wednesday has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook with many approving comments.  Michael Rosen himself  declined to take up the role:
  •  michael rosen for prime minister! uk would definitely be a kinder place.

  • Michael Rosen This has got out of hand...730 likes! Let's take it as an expression of dissatisfaction with the present holder of the office, huh?

     at the risk of sounding sycophantic, I'm with the girl holding the placard!

  • Michael, I'm afraid that most of us are pretty serious...
  • Michael Rosen Can I make clear that I do not support this motion?!

  • you can make a banner with 'anyone but Rosen or Gove for education secretary' ?

  •  Go for it Michael. You are one of the few writers with decent ideas for education. With special courses you organise you could even get Gove and the rest of this government to rejoin the human race.
    Yes please, Michael Rosen! Preferably sometime before Alexander's in reception so we can avoid the insanity of fonix!

    I would be happy to participate in any necessary revolt to make this possible. Who's with me?

    Michael Rosen blogs HERE

    His letters to Michael Gove Letter from a Curious Parent are required reading for anyone concerned about the future of education in this country.

    How about a pre-election TV debate between Michael Gove and Michael Rosen with an audience of teachers, parents and school students? 

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