Monday 17 March 2014

Vital Brent health issues to be discussed tomorrow

Brent Council's Health Partnerships Overview and Scrutiny Committee meets tomorrow, Tuesday 18th March 7.00 pm in the Boardroom at the Civic Centre. The agenda can be found HERE:

Among the items on the agenda are: Mental Health Services in Brent; a report from the working group on Violence Against Women and Girls especially FGM, domestic violence and forced marriage; the Future of Central Middlesex Hospital and Willesden Centre for Health and Care and Diabetes Services.


trevor said...

Health in this country has been taken for granted for Far Too Long.

trevor said...

we live in a country in which it is ok to take ones health for granted and pay for the means of ruining ones health.
and this is done with the approval of those claiming to be on your side.
people open your eyes...your no way safe under these politicians than you would be in a car without brakes.
the next time you stand outside and light up
think about what you are doing to yourself?
does it make sense to practice something that only hurts you?
and should you hand over your often hard earned cash in return for something that does not benefit you in anyway?
the fact that smoking has become the norm is a good example of what happens when people in authority make reckless wicked greed driven decisions.
basically you inevitably end up suffering because you grow up in a country in which exploitation and self abuse is the norm and you are more than likely to be caught in its trap.
also it is in vain that the political drivers of this immensely corrupt system attempt to convince us that they are doing what is right and responsible while they continue to allow this corrupt system to continue.