Tuesday 25 March 2014

CID investigation of email fraud should delay Kensal Rise planning hearing

Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt this afternoon tweeted 'Glad to hear Kensal Rise Library consultation fraud case is being taken forward by Met police CID'.

This confirmation arrives after substantial pressure from residents that the case should not be dropped, despite Andrew Gillick, the Kensal Rise developer, reaching an agreement with the Friends of Kensal Rise Library over community space in the building.

As argued previously on this blog, in the light of the investigation and possible prosecution, the planning hearing for Mr Gillick's development should be postponed until the outcome is known. A statement from Christine Gilbert, Brent Council's Acting Chief Executive, is awaited following consultations with Andrew Donald, head of Regeneration and Planning and Cllr Ketan Sheth, chair of the planning committee.


Anonymous said...

Come on Brent

Lets have Social Justice

I am sure Mr Gillick is not in a hurry to redevelop. Property prices might continue to rise in the interim until this whole mess is cleared about.

While you are at Brent lets have a Judicial Review on Copland.

That is another scandal that will not go away until the community has a say over the long term future of such a strategic site as Copland and not just Ark Academies say on what they want for the site.

Anonymous said...

Actually, inflation in the construction sector may be even worse than selling-price inflation.

Anonymous said...

Lets have some detective work and perhaps confidence in our Police Force can be restored.

Anything less is unacceptable to the voting public

Anonymous said...

Important point, particularly coming the day after.Met boss Bernard Hogan-Howe professed ignorance of the shredding of a 'lorry load' of intelligence from an investigation into criminality inside the force. He was being cross-examined before the cross-party parliamentary Home Affairs Committee - link to the Independent's report here


Anonymous said...

My vote is fully behind a full investigation.

Something smells rotten if questions are not answered.

Convenient shredding documents may escape justice.

Surely this time with digital footprint there is evidence and can't just disappear like shredding documents.