Friday 21 March 2014

March 22nd Stand Up to Racism and Fascism 11am Parliament Square

Stand up to racism and fascism demo 22 March 2014 marking UN Anti-Racism Day

- No to scapegoating of immigrants
- No to Islamophobia
- Yes to diversity

Rally and Demo marking UN Anti-Racism Day
11am, Saturday 22nd March 2014
Central London

A day of action against racism has been called for across Europe to coincide with UN Anti-Racism Day. With eyes on the European elections in May parties in most countries of the right, centre and even the traditional left are allowing politics and the media to be dominated by racism and xenophobia. Islamophobia and antisemitism and the scapegoating of minorities – immigrants, Roma, Black and Asian communities – have become the norm. In Britain the fascist and far right are seeking gains, but there is an even greater immediate threat.

No to scapegoating immigrants

That is the increasing tendency of mainstream political parties to tail-end the right-wing, populist UKIP. They are out-vying each other in calls for draconian ‘antiimmigration’ policies and generally promoting a ‘Little Englander’ anti-foreign, anti-European mentality, most recently seen with the hostility and racism whipped up towards the projected arrival of Bulgarian and Romanian migrant workers.

No to Islamophobia

In particular it has become acceptable to promote fear and hatred of Muslim people and Islam as a religion. This racism creates a climate of Islamophobia, leading directly to more attacks on the Muslim population, including murder and violent attacks on mosques.

Remember Mandela – YES to diversity

In remembering Nelson Mandela we too should cherish “the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and equal opportunities”. UN Anti-racism Day commemorates the victims of the Sharpeville massacre in 1960, when 69 peaceful demonstrators against apartheid were killed by South African police forces.

Many organisations and communities have come together to call for this parade and rally. Join us in rejecting racism and showing that migrants are welcome. Let’s celebrate diversity by expressing our cultures and identities. Let’s demonstrate our confidence in a future free of scapegoating, racism and hatred.

Organised by the TUC and sponsored by CWU, GMB, NASUWT, NUT, PCS, Unison, Unite the Union

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