Saturday 29 March 2014

Demonstration for Yashika 4pm today Parliament Square

Message from Oasis Academy

Dear Friends

We are having a demonstration at Parliament Square, at 4:00pm today, to call for Yashika's deportation tomorrow to be halted.

The authorities intend to force her onto a 5pm Air Mauritius flight from Heathrow at 5:00pm, alone, on Mother's Day.

Yashika is still being detained. She deserves to be at school, not locked away in Yarl's Wood as if she were a criminal.

Please join our facebook group and share widely with friends, family and supporters.
Get down to Westminster and join our protest!

We are issuing a deadline to Theresa May to address students of Oasis Academy Hadley by 8:00pm tonight.

She has intervened to stop deportation before. She must now do the same for Yashika. She has the final decision and she must make the right choice.

We want Yashika back! #FightForYashika

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