Monday 31 March 2014

Greens: The debate is over-act now on Climate Change

THE Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report’s stark warnings of the dire consequences of our continuing failure to tackle climate change on planet and people must act as a wake-up call, says the Green Party, the only party with workable policies in place to mitigate the threat and adapt for a sustainable future.
Climate change has already cut into the global food supply and is fuelling wars and natural disasters, but governments are unprepared to protect those most at risk, says the report (1) released today (31 March 2014) from the UN's climate science panel. 
Commenting on the publication today, Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, said: 
“The scientific debate is over. Climate change is a reality, here, with us today. Its threat is enormous and can no longer be ignored. 
“On climate change, governments are taking too little action too slowly in part because they are overly and unduly influenced by oil, coal and gas big business interests. In Britain, we also have a government that is incapable of understanding that the old economic model is broken and needs to be radically changed, as it is not only incompatible with dealing with climate change, but also failing to meet people's basic needs.
"The Coalition Government’s flag-waving for fracking, which will only accelerate global warming, is the latest in a long line of destructive decisions driven by corporate interest with scant regard for the negative impact on people and planet.
“Climate change and the state of our environment is going to be one of THE issues of the European election on May 22 – and it’s only the Green group, already the fourth largest in the European parliament – who are going to put it truly front and centre.
“Greens are going to hold firm on fighting for a national renewables target for each European state, demanding that Europe provide global leadership in setting a target of provide global leadership in setting a target of at THE VERY least a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and demanding high, binding energy efficiency standards.”
A Green government will take bold, responsible and scientifically credible action to avoid catastrophic climate change. We will apply a contraction and convergence strategy to reduce emissions to a safe and equal per-capita level. Pursuing the necessary annual reductions of around 10% will create many jobs. We will provide free monthly carbon emission allowances and people wanting to use more than their fair share could trade allowances. Total emissions will be capped and will reduce each year in line with our 2030 emission reduction target of 90% on 1990 levels.

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trevor said...

I continue to believe that if people are willing to create something like cigarettes to sell to humans which does nothing but damage their health and bodies and cause no end of preventable death each year and the government(s) actually permit it to continue clearly showing that they put profit and tax revenue before principle
then you can be absolutely certain that you will suffer immensely during your life on earth.
it also show's that the political leaders don't really care about the people they claim to serve...they are more interested in money.
climate change may be a Threat to life but I think the biggest threat is humans.
and especially when they are involved in politics, business,and religion, all three are corrupt beyond words.
if the business and political organizations don't care about anything except making money then you can be sure that the earth will suffer Too.
a blind person behind the wheel of a bus full of people which eventually crashes leaving all the passengers seriously hurt along with the Driver is inevitable simply cause the Driver is Blind and to a extent the Driver can be Forgiven after all he/she couldn't see where they were going?
Whereas the political drivers of this Country and World are not Blind and can see where they are going and even when they see a Serious Crash ahead they carry driving and then the passengers again end up seriously hurt.
and amazingly those Political Drivers continue to Try to convince us that they are qualified to Drive or lead us even when behind them there are no end of hurt and seriously damaged passengers aka voters.
should those Drivers be Forgiven for the hurt they have caused?
Should they even be trusted to continue leading Us (astray) every 5 years?
the labour party once said Britain deserves Better...that is Certainly True but Britain won't recover or improve with them behind the wheel.
They had their chance to prove themselves back in 97 and they failed.
do you really believe Britain will recover by means of milliband and Balls?
remember one Time there was no such thing as Cigarettes or climate Change.
until the so called industrial revolution began...then you had men saying..."For the first time in history, the living standards of the masses of ordinary people have begun to undergo sustained growth ... Nothing remotely like this economic behavior is mentioned by the classical economists, even as a theoretical possibility."
Then came the Capitalist system which then made Climate change inevitable as greed blinded and drove them to do what they did and continue doing.