Friday 29 August 2014

Brent Council checking that Michaela will be safe for children to start on September 15th

Michaela site yesterday

Michaela Free School, opening at the former Arena House in Wembley Park, has assured Brent Council officers that it will be opening as planned to Year 7 pupils on September 15th, two weeks after most other local schools.

However the council will also ensure that the site itself is safe and suitable for children as building work will continue on other floors of the building, and in the grounds of the school, while the 11-12 year olds start their secondary education. 

As you can see from the pictures above the site is cramped with a very small footprint and presents quite a challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Declaring the site unsafe and where do they go ?

Yes I know the competitive school up the road that used to be Copland and has places going begging after they emptied the school in the past year.

Poor planning is the end result, with our young people the guinea pigs.