Saturday 30 August 2014

Cricklewood sees off pitiable South East Alliance fantasists

Happy in our diversity
Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, other councillors and residents
The Brent community today came out once again in all its diversity to tell the extreme right South East Alliance that their attempts to spread division and discord in our streets was not welcome. Much to the irritation and annoyance of residents and shopkeepers the Alliance had come to Cricklewood for the fourth time to protest against what they are determined to call Muslim Brotherhood offices above a shop in Cricklewood Broadway. It isn't, and never was, such offices and the HQ is in Austria. Never mind, the SEA meandered their way to Cricklewood, fuelled by pub stops, huddled outside an undertakers and at great public expense, in the form of police overtime, shouted a few inaudible slogans.

In their delusion they will represent this as an enormous victory, complete with Star Wars style soundtrack, on a YouTube video.  It wasn't - it was just a tad pathetic.

20 or so South East Alliance outside the undertakers
They are a tiresome group and North West London  United hope they won't come again - but if they do they will be opposed.

A local resident speaks to the SEA

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