Monday, 11 August 2014

Peace for Palestine: Greens say 'Stop Arming Israel'


  1. That does not surprise me at all.
    after all if government after government continues To think it is OK to allow cigarettes to be sold to the public so that cigarette businesses can rake in huge profits while smoking causes About 100,000 people in the UK die each year!
    and The chancellor takes a huge amount in Tax revenue that amounts to a whopping £2.6 billion each year!
    and what good does smoking do for the tax paying public?
    Is Lung cancer something worth paying for?
    Does it Make sense to pay for something that ruins your Health and causes you to die before your due Time?
    It Is Clear That Lives in the government's Eyes are Just Things To be Exploited.
    and they are so blinded and corrupted by their greed and wicked nature That even when they know That About 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking
    That doesn't Make them question Their Decision To allow the cigarette business To continue.
    but of course when they see what is happening in gaza
    They ooooo and arrrrrr and condemn but fail to see that they are Just as blood guilty.
    and if Palestinian people pay With their Lives as a result of what the British government does in exchange for profit
    then remember that About 100,000 people Living in the UK pay with Their Lives because once again the government(s) put profit before principle.
    and as long as that continues
    no one will be safe.
    its like putting a confirmed alcoholic in charge of driving a bus.
    by doing that it puts the lives of the public at risk.
    How much much more at risk are we when we have greed driven and greed blinded politicians at the wheel of the British government?
    it is right to question what our government has been doing regarding weapons sales which are used to destroy the lives of many people in other countries.
    but don't forget what our government has done to its own people regarding smoking in return for Billions in Tax revenue.
    has that benefited us?
    we deserve to be governed by people that truly care and don't have double standards.

  2. Any government That will give it's consent to the sale of Cigarettes which causes 106,000 people die every year in the UK as a direct result of smoking."
    Will surely See nothing wrong in selling weapons That cause about 1,82500 people To die in a year.
    History itself bears witness To The shameful reality That Humans dominate each other to their Injury.

  3. Who would Employ someone to work in a bank that has a History of Theft?
    Who would Employ a lollipop person That Encourages Drivers To carry on Driving even when Children and their Parents are Crossing the road?
    I think it is safe to say that few Drivers would carry on driving simply cause they Have a sense of Right and Wrong
    and even they would be shocked to see a person that is responsible for guiding young children across the roads safely
    actually failing to do their Job Properly.
    Without Doubt That person would be sacked and it would also become headline news even if no children were knocked down.
    and the council that employed that person would be getting alot of publicity but all for the wrong reasons.
    Imagine living in a Country in which the government allows people to exploit The public for profit?
    it should be unthinkable but no its a fact and a sad reality.
    but Its inevitable when you Have a situation in which the people elected to govern the country set all the standards which are always Double standards.
    They create Laws To protect the public from Drug Dealers but they Give the red carpet Treatment To the Cigarette Business.
    But that business by means of what it makes causes a huge amount of people to die every year.
    again that should be unthinkable.
    but again it is a shameful reality.
    it's like having a police force that puts on its uniform goes out everyday and sits in the pub drinking while every sort of crime is being committed.
    no one would accept such a Thing.
    so why Do we Put up with our Corrupt Government(s) in Britain Who also get dressed in their expensive suits etc and Talk oh so proper
    but allow the people they claim to serve to Be exploited?
    How much more are you prepared To suffer before you accept that our so called democracy is a Sham?
    Britain can't Teach any Nation How to Live When it Is Also in Need of Education.
    our MP's say oh its so bad oh its so wrong
    They talk about rule of Law
    But the fact is Britain is a Law unto itself and seriously Deluded.
    It is Time for us to Look into the Mirror and see what we Have become Thanks To our Flash suited proper Talking Politicians.