Wednesday 27 August 2014

Have your say on health provision in Brent on September 3rd

To book a place or ask a question email

Young people have been missing in many of the  recent consultations on health as have parents of young children. It is really important that you have your say.

Brent Clinical Commissioning Group sent this message with the poster:

We would be grateful if could please share this information with your family, friends and community associates as we would like as many of those Brent service users and local residents who have not yet attended one of our Health Partner Forums to come along and enjoy an evening of debate and discussion about health and social care in Brent.

You will be able to share your views on health and care services directly with the clinical, social care commissioners and service providers who attend the event.   There will also be opportunities to work with us on transforming healthcare across some of the priority areas for people in Brent for the forthcoming year.

We need to know numbers attending in order to confirm numbers with our caterer for the hot buffet supper.  Please therefore either call us on 020 8795 6107 or 6122 or send us an e-mail to either of the following:  

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Trevor said...

I would say that I want to see more done to discourage smoking since it is one of the foremost threats to health.
young people in particular need to be made aware of the system they are growing up in.
it is a crafty greed driven system that favors big business and The government.
neither care about you and all they want is the money in your accounts and pockets.
and thanks to the government the businesses are allowed to literally destroy you as they bleed you dry of your money.
but be wise and don't them do that!
view your health as something valuable and if you take care of it as best as you can
the less health problems you will have throughout your lives.
also see the system for what it is...its designed to Tap you and fleece you
and it does not care what it takes to do that as long as it gets what it wants which is your money.
and again thanks to the government the system is able to trap and attempt to fleece you because the government wants its share too which is namely tax revenue.
it doesn't matter to them that 100,000 people are dying each year as a result of smoking.
because they are getting billions in tax revenue each year.
you are growing up in a world that wants you to be concerned about fashion, hairstyles, etc etc etc
nothing wrong in having a good dress sense
but don't let that become your foremost concerns.
remember that the system wants to trap and fleece you financially
and if it destroys you it doesn't care.
but you should care.
the more you care the less the system is able to manipulate and exploit you.