Friday 8 August 2014

Local backing for Tricycle Theatre in Film Festival row

As the debate over the Tricycle Theatre's decision to boycott official Israeli funding for the UK Jewish Film Festival reaches the national media, local people have expressed their support for the Tricycle's decision.

The following letter was published in the Guardian today:
The London borough of Brent is one of the most diverse and tolerant parts of the UK, with a rich cultural heritage compromising many  ethnicities and religions, including the Jewish faith. As local  residents, we can say that the Tricycle Theatre, whose cinematic and  theatrical repertoire is broad and inclusive, reflects this diversity,  demonstrated by 8 years of hosting the UK Jewish Film Festival, as well  as works on Palestine by comedian Mark Thomas, and works by MUJU, the  Muslim-Jewish theatre company.

We support the Tricycle Theatre’s decision to refuse funding from the  Israeli Embassy, the UK representative of a state currently involved in  war crimes and potential genocide in the Occupied Palestinian  Territories. As the theatre has already offered to help find an  alternative sponsor, we hope this is not the end of the festival as your  article suggests. The theatre’s position cannot be construed as  anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish or political but is instead a cultural boycott  of a belligerent sponsor.

Martin Francis, Brent and Harrow Palestine Solidarity Campaign
 Sheila Robin, Jews for Justice for Palestinians
Aisha Maniar, London Guantánamo Campaign
Meanwhile an on-line poll on the Kilburn Times website LINK currently has 70% of respondents supporting the Tricycle's position, 29% against and 1% undecided.

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Beverley said...

This man says he's a lawyer but doesnt listen. Go Tricyle Theatre, don't be bullied