Monday 4 August 2014

Summer blues for Brent families as Council issues Council Tax Summonses

Brent Council have just issued summonses for non-payment of Council Tax. They've tied in both the last financial year and the current year where necessary. There is then an additional £90 court costs.

The summons makes no reference to the further £30 for proposed Liability Orders that have been mentioned in previous correspondence.

Hearings will be held at Willesden Magistrates Court on Tuesday 19th August, 10am.

Many hard-pressed households now expected to pay Council Tax are already finding it hard to pay rent and buy food for the family.

In November last year Brent Council leader Cllr Muhammed Butt was challenged by demonstrators outside Willesden Magistrates Court when the first of over 3,000 summonsed for non-payment  were due to appear LINK

Perhaps the hope is that the issue will not be so high profile in the middle of the summer break.

There is advice for people having difficulty paying their Council Tax on the Brent Council website HERE


Trevor said...

I Pay £72 each month despite currently being unemployed and I have to struggle to survive on the £166 I receive every Fortnight.
Now Please Don't get me wrong,
I am very grateful for the Benefit While I remain Unemployed.
However Having to give so much of It To the council Makes It Rather Difficult to get by.
Since That money which goes to the council could be used for my daily sustenance , Etc.
And when I see Conditions Deteriorating I can't help wondering What The council Tax is Spent on?
Here in wembley Pavements are Left uneven and broken, roads remain in poor condition.
Recycling bins are left overflowing with rubbish which attracts flies etc and I must say It really upsets me to see that first thing in the morning when I go out.
and of course as always the pavements have become the new ashtrays and so cigarette butts can be be seen all the time all over the place
Along with empty cigarette Boxes.
I know I mention that often but thats only because I remain convinced That it unquestionably wrong that government allows the public to abuse their own health all for the sake of filling shopkeepers bank accounts along with the cigarette business accounts with no end of cash
While the tobacco addicts fill their lungs with no end of health destroying carbon monoxide for example.
So they are virtually paying for poison which then causes 100,000 preventable pointless Deaths each year in the UK alone.
That cannot be acceptable in what is meant to be a Christian Country.
if councils can Take the public to court for not observing the rules on paying council Tax
then if we are Christians why are the Principles of Christianity seemingly ignored in favor of selfish greed driven Desires?

Anonymous said...

Trevor you should pay 20% if you are unemployed. This should amount to around £30 /month for a band D property. Not sure why yiu're paying so much, it sounds like you're being incorrectly charged - you should check.

Trevor said...

Hi Anon.
The Property I Live in Is in Band B and the total Is 1056.18
I get a single occupancy Discount of £264.05
and the total Amount I am obliged to pay Is £792.13.