Friday 22 August 2014

Help tidy up Chalkhill Park on Sunday

Chalkhill Park yesterday
Chalkhill Park is little more than a year old and has already won a place in the hearts of local residents. It is very well used, particularly on warm sunny days, and this inevitably means some littering.

On Sunday Thames21 have organised a clean up on Sunday (details below) and I hope to be there with others who recognise the huge part the park has played in improving the quality of life on the estate.

This afternoon children from the Summer Playscheme will be performing in the park.


Trevor said...

Hi Martin,
How did it go?
I Haven't been to the park for a while but I certainly noticed how its appearance has become spoiled by litter being dropped on the grass and pavement etc.
it really saddens me that people appear to be increasingly thoughtless in how they dispose of litter.

Martin Francis said...

Actually Trevor we were pleasantly surprised by how little litter there was compared with other areas in the borough and with litter on the estate generally. It was mainly takeaway containers and drink bottles which could easily have been put in bins if people took more care. There was no evidence of major fly-tipping in the park itself although those appear on street corners in the estate quite frequently.

We also remarked on the lack of dog excrement when we had expected more. We may have struck a particularly good weekend but it seemed to me that local people do value the park and that most are keen to look after it.

A further tidy up is planned at St David's Close in the Autumn and it would be great if you could come along.

Trevor said...

Thanks Martin,
I would be glad to take part in the next clean up.
and it's good to know that there was less litter in the park during the clean up.
I wish something could be done to discourage the overfilling of dustbins along chalk hill road.
it looks horrible and attracts flies etc which isn't good for health.