Monday 25 August 2014

Grant offered to gather young people's views on health engagement

From Health Watch Brent

Health Watch Brent - Gathering Views Small Grants

Health Watch Brent are awarding grants of up to £200 to local organisations and community groups to help gather views on key areas for health and social care services in Brent. E.g.:
  1. What services young people you engage use (doctors, clinics,family support services etc) 
  2. The perceived quality of such services
  3. How they can be improved
These grants can be used to cover the cost of engaging young people (e.g. via 30 a minute focus group). This could include room hire, printing, or even covering volunteer/staff expenses. 

The objective of Gathering Views is to encourage people to share their views via our Healthwatch survey.  Full details will be outlined soon. Please complete the expression of interest form to apply for this grant: 

For further information, please contact / 07825 215 652

1 comment:

Trevor said...

I Think that Brent is a haven of exploitation and actually serves to damages public health rather than promote healthy living.
most shops for example sell cigarettes which of course damages health and really should banned in my opinion.
but because the system we live under is so greed driven
it is safe to say it would oppose any attempt to damage its thriving business.
the government as always share a major part in that they are the ones that gave their consent to this rather than recognizing that they were being selfish and irresponsible.
it is vanity to set up a health watch group that supposedly has the protection of public at heart
but out in the real world there exists a huge business that doesn't have health care at heart.
when will things be done properly in this country?