Saturday 9 August 2014

Michaela will be ready for September 15th insists Assistant Head

I have now heard from Barry Smith, Assistant Head Teacher at Michaela Academy Free School:
We will be opening our doors to our first intake of 120 Year 7 pupils on Monday, 15th September. 

I was on site on Thursday - the place is a hive of activity! The pace of progress is phenomenal. Having spoken at length with the site manager I came away very confident indeed. 

I'll be back again on site next week and of course there's so much else going on to make sure everything comes together for Monday 15th.

Exciting times. Thanks for your continued interest Martin. 


Anonymous said...

There you are, Martin. You and your mundane concerns! All you need to start a school is a misguided idea about what constitutes 'choice' and 'freedom' and then lashings of positivity. Basically it's John Wayne's ' a handful of dirt an' a dream' meets 'The Apprentice'.
(Oh, and a few million pounds of other taxpayers' money helps).
Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

I admire your optimism, Barry, but which doors of Arena House will you be opening on 15 September? Will the contractors be installing a strong covered walkway from the street boundary to these doors, to safeguard pupils and staff from machinery and falling debris on this active construction site?


Martin Francis said...

Yes, Sept 15th is very late. At nearby Preston Manor Y7 starts on Sept 2nd and the rest of the school on Sept 3rd. I have written to Cllr Ruth Moher, lead member for Children and Families about our concerns and she is taking it up with Brent Council officers, particularly the concern about the health and safety of children while building works are going on.