Tuesday 17 November 2015

Gardiner calls for Safer Neighborhood Teams to be retained and enhanced in the wake of Paris attacks

Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North, asked Home Secretary Theresa May in the House of Commons to meet the Police Commissioner to ensure that local neighbourhood teams are kept in place and enhanced in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Gardiner followed up May's statement to the House with this request:
--> I welcome the Home Secretary’s statement. She is aware that my constituency of Brent North has the highest number of refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East in the country. In the light of the clear advice of both current and former Metropolitan Police Commissioners on the importance of neighbourhood safety teams and local policing, will she meet the current commissioner and look at the needs of constituencies such as mine, to ensure that those local neighbourhood safety teams are kept in place and enhanced in order to ensure that the strategy is followed.Theresa May replied that she regularly met with the Metropolitan Police Commissioenr to discuss the policing of London and wider issues. LINK

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Anonymous said...

Gardiner needs to sort out his priorities. London's streets would be a lot safer if people like him hadn't been lending support and legitimacy to the actions of Israel over the years.

Mike Hine