Tuesday 24 November 2015

Strike threat at Sudbury Primary School

Staff at Sudbury Primary School in Brent passed a vote of no confidence in the headteacher and governance of the school by 43 votes to 3 last night. The headteacher is currently suspended, which is deemed a 'neutral act', while allegations are investigated.

Staff from NASUWT, ATL, GMB and NUT approved the following resolution after a lengthy discussion about events at the school:
This meeting expresses no confidence in the headteacher and governance of Sudbury Primary and calls for the immediate removal of the headteacher from her post.

If this demand is not agreed we call on our unions to ballot us for sustained strike action.
Union sources said that they were concerned that an attempt is being made to undermine the independent investigation report that led to the suspension of the headteacher and the sequence of events that should flow from the report.

Sudbury Primary is the only Brent primary school to voluntarily convert to academy status. It became an Academy in September 2012. Academy status means that the local education authority has limited intervention powers.

Staff unions are currently challenging moves by Oakington Manor and Furness Primary schools to convert to academy status.


Martin Francis said...

Readers have submitted a number of comments on this which I have not published. As stated above, suspension is a neutral act while an investigation takes place. It is important not to prejudice that outcome with anonymous allegations. I would hope that those conducting the investigation will be seeking evidence, either way, from interested parties.

Anonymous said...

My kids go to this school and we never expected this. My daughter is going to a Grammar school and we were singing her praises but then soon after this happened!