Thursday 12 November 2015

Green Party: Modi visit likely to deepen wounds and heighten tensions

The Green Party of England and Wales has said that the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UK has the potential to deepen wounds within the South Asia population around the world and heighten tensions within India itself.

Tony Clarke, the Green Party’s spokesperson on International Affairs, said:
Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK comes at a time of heightened religious tensions and oppression in India, oppression which is seeking to silence those who only wish to promote peace and unity. It is important that when Modi seeks ‘statesman’ status abroad, particularly in the UK, that we open our mouths to challenge his government, not our arms to welcome him.

We need to demonstrate to Modi that we support the South East Asia human rights campaigners in voicing their displeasure at the crimes committed back in India.

India is currently witnessing its most dangerous tensions since independence. These tensions are born out of the nationalist BJP’s seeming intolerance to other faiths within India and to outside voices calling for an end to violence and a return to India’s pluralist traditions.

Modi’s arrival in the UK is the latest in a string of visits from international heads of state who are feted instead of challenged by our government.  Our Prime Minister should be challenging the abuse of human rights in places such as China, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt but his red carpet welcomes and obsession with trade deals are poor substitutes for the personal challenges and tough talking that are needed. The Green Party advocates an ethical foreign policy which is based on more than economic interests.

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