Tuesday 5 April 2016

FoE Air Quality meeting now to include other parties - April 12th

This message from Brent Friends of the Earth has appeared on Facebook today:

Brent Friends of the earth Air Quality meeting 12th April

We have now asked the local Lib Dems and the local Conservatives and the local Green Party if they would like a rep on the panel.

When, some weeks back, we invited the lead councillor for the environment in Brent, and the local M.P. and the GLA rep to speak all were invited as local reps and not, in any way, related to anyone’s political affiliation. We also invited a local council officer and a campaigner from Friends of the Earth national office.

As all the politicians we had invited are Labour we've been persuaded that since the meeting is close to the London elections it would be seen as unfair not to ask reps of other parties if they would like to join the panel. When we began setting up this meeting we had not thought about the date being close to the London elections

Inviting others on to the panel will make the panel larger than we would have preferred; we hope we can still have a good meeting.

With Good Wishes,
Pam L

This is the original poster for the meeting with all the details:

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