Thursday 7 April 2016

Ask London Mayoral candidates to pledge support for voting reform

From Unlock Democracy

It is a fortnight since we launched the Stand Up for Democracy campaign. Thousands of emails have been sent asking the next Mayor of London to fix our city’s broken democracy. Will you join them?

Together we set out to find out where they stand on on voting reform, and on empowering the London Assembly. Both Labour’s Sadiq Khan and the Green Party’s Siȃn Berry have come out in support of the campaign.

Ask the #LondonMayor2016 candidates

We need your help. We want to get all the candidates to tell us what they will do to bring about voting reform both locally and nationally. We want to know that they are prepared to give the London Assembly the teeth it desperately needs to keep the Mayor accountable.

We’ve got two of the main parties to pledge stand up for democracy, now let’s get the rest of the 10 candidates for London Mayor to do the same. Help us put the pressure on the candidates. The more of us asking, the harder it is for them to ignore.

Please ask them to Stand Up for Democracy in London. Show them that Londoners Stand Up Democracy.


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