Thursday 7 April 2016

Government Inspector to examine Brent's planning policy proposals

This will  be of interest to residents concerned about recent planning decisions and the various regeneration projects in Brent.

A government official is to examine one of Brent Council's important planning policy documents and will be holding a round of public hearing sessions at Brent Civic Centre this May in order to listen to representations on it.

If approved after the Inspector's examination, the 'Development Management Policies' document will officially become part of the council's Local Plan, which sets out rules and guidelines for development in the borough.

The document itself sets out detailed policies which will be used to determine planning applications, including policies restricting the amount of town centre takeaway and betting shops as well policies to protect local pubs from development.

The public examination hearing sessions will be held on:

  • Tuesday 3 May, Brent Civic Centre, The Drum, 3rd floor, Board Room 2
  • Wednesday 4 May, Brent Civic Centre, The Drum 3rd floor, Board Room 2
  • Thursday 5 May - Brent Civic Centre, 1st floor, Training Room 4

Read more about the examination and the Development Management Policies.

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