Wednesday 20 April 2016

Video: Brent & Harrow GLA candidates make their pitch at Mapesbury Hustings

As I am the Green Party election agent for Jafar Hassan I will let the video speak for itself. The six Brent and Harrow GLA candidates were granted roughly equal time at the beginning and end of the Mapra hustings.

The Q&A went a little awry in terms of fairness as the candidates were asked to answer each question in the same speaking order.  This meant that the first candidates to answer had little thinking time for often quite complex questions that were displayed to them on a laptop screen.

In the summing up period Shahrar Ali, Green Party list candidate, intervened when Tories began a concerted and crude chant of 'Who are you?' during Navin Shah's  contribution.

Ali, to applause, called for respect for Shah.

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