Thursday 21 April 2016

Last chance to help fund Grunwick40 commemoration

A message from Grunwick40
We've raised over £9,000 so far to commemorate the Grunwick strikers – that brave group of workers who stood up for their rights 40 years ago and inspired a generation, changing the face of trade unions as they did it.

The work on the exhibition has started and the commemorative mural is taking shape with some stunning art being created at the community workshops.

We believe that the Grunwick mural will be the first ever piece of public art to mark the contribution of Asian women in Britain.

The mural is expensive to produce and install but we want to make it as high impact as possible. The Grunwick strikers fought for justice for all workers and now we want to do justice to them with a colourful tribute that is big, bold and celebratory.

We need your donations to help make this happen. 

This is the final week of our crowdfunding campaign and your last chance to get the fantastic rewards when you donate.

Please give whatever you can afford.

We have some exclusive rewards for people who donate including badges, posters, DVDs and rare artwork from the 1970s, so please consider making a personal donation or asking your union branch to make one. Whatever the amount, every £ helps to ensure that the legacy of Grunwick is not lost.

Please make your donation by 12.30pm on Monday 25th April. 
Thank you.

Grunwick 40 steering group
PS. Don't forget to spread the word, you can help by forwarding on this email, sharing our facebook posts or retweeting us!

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Anonymous said...

Not quite the first piece of public art, but perhaps the first in Brent.
The statue of the Indian Princess Noor Inayat Khan is in Gordon's square. Noor lost her life as a British spy during World War 2 and was executed on September 13, 1944. Her final word was 'liberty'.