Tuesday 6 February 2018

Asbestos Meeting Tonight: Duffy asks for public to a have a vote on whether a public inquiry is necessary

The waste transfer note from Carpender's Park 17.08.15
Cllr John Duffy has written to Carolyn Downs, Chief Executive of Brent Council asking that residents attending tonight's public meeting in Kilburn Square be given  an opprtunity to vote on whether there should be an independent inquiry into the asbestos waste issue:
As you know there is a meeting tonight and its very important the two undisclosed consignment notes for the asbestos found on the mound are available. 

Hopefully they will go some way to establishing how much asbestos was delivered to Paddington Cemetery from Carpender's Park in August 2015. That will also go some way to answering the question of how much contamination was present before the two discoveries on May 9th and 18th*  and since the asbestos transported in August 2015.

I believe the council is being disingenuous by mixing up the Eton report, and then the Delta Simons specialist  reports, with the initial test notes. Both the Eaton and Delta Simons report  were taken after the Asbestos was removed, therefore thankfully they only show a trace in most parts of the mound. I  do welcome their  finding  that the level of asbestos risk is now  low since  the Asbestos has been removed. However  because they engaged after the Asbestos was removed, they do not answer the three most important  questions of how the Asbestos got there, how much Asbestos was found in May 2017 and did the council put anyone at risk by the way the council handle the first  discovery of  asbestos bound for Section 3D in Paddington Cemetery from August 2015?

I am therefore suggesting  the Agenda for tonight's meeting is in three parts. One being the present situation, which will reassure residents that the mound and the cemetery in generally free of asbestos and safe to use. The second being  the past situation of how the asbestos got to Paddington Cemetery and did the actions of the council put anyone at risk. This part could also involve discussion on why the council took such extreme measures to ensure the residents (meeting where the press and public were excluded) were kept in the dark about how the  the asbestos arrived at Paddington Cemetery? Thirdly after  the residents have heard from both Delta Simons ( Part 1)  and the council (Part 2).  The third part should be a vote by residents on if they believe a independent investigation  is necessary to find out all circumstances around the discovery of the asbestos in Paddington Cemetery and whether the council put residents and the workforce at risk.

CEO Will  you  please confirm the agenda will be in the three parts and  you will personally  ensure officers take a democratic vote of the residents.The vote will see if  they believe an independent open investigation by health and safety expert which ail explore all the facts .If you are unwilling for the  vote to take place ,can we have a statement from you explaining why , you do not think it is unnecessary .


* I mistakenly said the 19th of May in previous emails, i have now checked the email from the CEO and it was on on the 18th May the second "find " on the mound took place
Carolyn Downs replied that Amar Dave, who had been copied into Duffy's email, would be running tonight's meeting.

 7pm at Kilburn Housing Co-operative, Kilburn Square,
 Victoria Road, Kilburn, NW6 6PT

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