Friday 2 February 2018

Dockless bikes will only have a 'marginal' effect on cycling take-up

Following my story on the experimental scheme for dockless bicycles in Brent LINK, a spokesperson for Brent Cyclists commented:
Dockless hire bikes have been a success in some other cities in the world and so we think they would be a good experiment for Brent. It’s important to realise, though, that their effect on cycling take-up will only be marginal, as the perceived safety factors that are the reason most Brent people do not cycle will remain. The main things that would increase cycling in Brent, as always, are good cycle lanes and paths and low-traffic streets, which separate cyclists from heavy traffic for most of their journey.


Anonymous said...

Another reason why a cycling has decreased in Brent is the state of the roads. Some of the Potholes caused by heavy traffic are not attended to and have to grow to dangerous sizes reported 10 times or more before they get fixed. Too few cycle lanes, and even where there are some drivers still think it's ok to drive in them.

Martin Francis said...

Absolutely, you are left with the choice of cycling over the hole, with the risk of being thrown off your bike with the jolt, or swerving around it risking being mown down by a following car.

Unknown said...

Brent need to look at the surrounding borough's i.e Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Ealing, Camden and their cycling infrastructure before they jump into and experiment which won't work until Brent Cyclists recommendations are implemented.

Anonymous said...

A new cycle route from Willesden Junction to Wembley has been identified.

I would like to know why routes from main junctions/high streets such as Harlesden High Street, Willesden Junction and the Chamberlayne Rd down through the Harrow Rd are not identified as a priority. There are numerous cyclists on these roads daily who seem to have a tricky job of avoiding the buses, cars, motorcycles, and trucks.
Surely this should be a priority since it is a main artery into town?