Monday 19 February 2018

Forget the KFC crisis - new healthy cafe to open in Roundwood Park

Roundwood Park

 There was dismay in Harlesden and Willesden when the well-loved community cafe in Roundwood Park closed its doors last year.

Now with Spring on its way it has been announced that a new cafe will open in mid-March.

JSS Catering made a successful bid to run an environmentally friendly cafe in the park. The Roundwood Lodge Cafe will offer a wide range of dishes exemplifying its 'farm to table' ethos. A family-friendly atmosphere will make it an ideal meeting place for local people and their children.

The cafe will also offer cooking classes showing visitors how to prepare their favourite dishes from the menu.

The cafe will add to the facilties in the park which include an aviary, bowling green, outdoor gym and children's playground.

A cafe with a lovely park attached - what's not to like? I wish them well.

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