Thursday 15 February 2018

Labour looking for new candidate in Sudbury

The Sudbury team in 2013. Aisha Hoda-Benn was elected in May 2014
Brent Labour are searching for a new candidate for Sudbury ward for the local elections in May after Cllr Aisha Hoda-Benn dropped out.

Cllr Hoda-Benn was elected in 2014 and reselected last year. She is currently vice chair of Brent Connects-Wembley and on the Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee and the Teachers Joint Consultative Committee. She has been absent for 75% of the meetings she was expected to attend.

The only gift declaration she has made is for a tin of biscuits, valued at £19.95 from the secretary of the mosque in Sudbury.

Sudbury ward is a relatively close contest between Labour and the Liberal Democrats (2014 result)


Anonymous said...

Isn't she at risk of the 6 month rule anyway?

Anonymous said...

Would anyone like to provide a eulogy of her achievements in 4 years.
It's likely Lorber will win this back.

Anonymous said...

should've been selected by now, know who's replacing her?

Martin Francis said...

Not sure. Nothing on the @Sudbury_Labour Twitter account. They have 39 followers...

Anonymous said...

appears to be a Tom Stephens