Monday 26 February 2018

Councillors to decide whether to increase their allowance tonight

Tonight's Full Council is the last meeting of this administration before the Local Elections in May. Apart from approving the Budget (you can see the Conservative amendment HERE) councillors will consider an officers' report on their allowance.

The Independent Remuneration Panel of London Councils  LINK is suggesting a basic allowance of £11,045 for 2018-19 this compares with the present allowance of £10,201.  Last year the allowance was uplifted by 1% rather than being set at the IRP's higher recommendation of £10,703.  If Full Council were to approve the IRP figure it would represent at increase of 8.27% on 2017-18.

In  addition to the basic allowance  councillors receive additional allowance for the roles they undertake. The Brent officers' report that  Brent pays an allowance to a higher proportion of councillors than the IRP's recommendations of 50%. 

Detailed decisions will be made after a review by the new administration but the report recommends the allowance for some committees to be paid only if the members take training and they recommend adoption of an additional travel allowance for councillors with disabilities.

The present Members Allowances can be seen in detail HERE

In addition to the basic  £10,201 the Leader of the Council, Cllr Muhammed Butt, gets another £39,748; Deputy Leader Margaret McLennan another £28,968 and Cabinet Members £19,087.



Anonymous said...

Either way, councillors shouldn't be paid if they don't do their jobs. Sam Stopp has been MIA for years now and he hasn't been disciplined for it in the slightest! His salary should be given to neighbourhood/community initiatives in the ward he's supposed to serve.

Anonymous said...

In any other job, if you don't show you don't get paid. Simples. Councillors should be no different. If you are on a Committee/Panel or regular meetings, no show you should be docked pay. Like the rest of us!

Scott said...

Snouts in troughs.

Anonymous said...

Stopp lives in Basingstoke, and was privately educated at a college where the fees are £30K a year. Not on the electoral roll.

His CV includes the following:

Mediating between major property developers (e.g. Berkeley Homes, Fairview Homes, Pentland Properties, and NHS Property Services), local authorities and local communities to help deliver thousands of homes across London boroughs and throughout the UK.
• Helping to run ‘Crisis Communications’ courses with Curtin&Co clients in Switzerland, e.g. Nestle and Bayer.
• Monitoring and advising on parliamentary affairs – including attendance at parliamentary inquiries – for clients such as Forest Holidays and Robust Details.
• Writing / editing Curtin&Co’s weekly political report, ‘60 Seconds’, which is delivered to over 2,000 readers, including MPs, council leaders and businesspeople.

Anonymous said...

have you ever considered that some councillors spend many hours every week in their wards? didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Wholly unnecessary personal attack on Sam Stopp. You might disagree with his politics (many do) but the choices his parents made about his education are utterly irrelevant. Why not ask which Labour cllrs are currently sending their kids to fee-paying schools. There are many.

Scott said...

You mean some Labour councillor's actually live in the areas they represent?
I imagine it's 'Not the many but the few'.

Anonymous said...

Prove your worth to the community to justify your pay